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Michael's Clearing - Small Homes are Big Trend

Michael's Clearing - Custom Homes

Smaller homes are being constructed in Avon with the same detail and quality of larger houses, creating an option for those homeowners searching for an alternative to the current upscale market.

Michael's Clearing, a new three-lot subdivision in Avon, follows this trend, and offers homes in the 3000-3500 square foot range. Designed by Jack Kemper Associates Architects in Farmington, these homes promise materials and craftsmanship to complement their European courtyard plans, incorporating the natural stone, landscape, and artistic flavor of nearby Collinsville. The developer plans to synthesize the warmth of antiquity with the aspirations and requirements of today's homeowner.

A survey by The Taunton Press concludes that overly spacious living area is becoming less important to homebuyers. "Despite skyrocketing sales of large new houses and a 24% increase in home size over the last 16 years, only 10% of those polled say that they need more living space. 19% of those surveyed said they want smaller homes, including a surprising 29% of those younger than 35 years of age, a group usually on the move to larger homes as they start families."

Century 21 Clemens and Sons Realty will exclusively handle the sale of the homes at Michael's Clearing. Curt Clemens, Jr., broker-owner, notes that "there is an appreciation throughout our area for fine quality and workmanship. Appraisers understand the value of special materials, and buyers are choosing to spend their money on the function and beauty of their homes, rather than on empty space."

Gopal Ahluwalia, an economist with the Home Builder's Association, also predicts the trend: "The biggest housing trend of the last 50 years - size - won't be as important in the next 50. The average size of a new house more than doubled in the last half century, from 983 square feet in 1949 to more than 2000 in 1999, according to the homebuilders. Average size will stay about the same for the next 10 years, when it will start declining," said Ahluwalia. "That's when 81 million baby boomers turn 65."

The success of home improvement television and the proliferation of the Internet has educated the homeowner and given him a discerning eye for the unusual. It is expected that superior materials and design criteria will substitute for sheer square footage. "I believe that downsizing is a wave of the future," says the developer, William Atkinson of Atkinson Associates Design-Build, LLC. "The home alterations division of my company has never been busier in 25 years. We are seeing new and improved products everyday. Together with the requirement to be energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, homeowners are optimizing their choices. They want something that both works well and is beautiful, and they're willing to give up unused space to get it."

Periodically, invitations will be extended to the community to visit Michael's Clearing at 47 Smith Road, Avon, CT. Visitors can review concept drawings, meet the architect and builder, and discuss customization in order to better understand how a smaller home may maximize their design requirements. Call Century 21 Clemens for details.

Kemper Associates Architects is located at 790 Farmington Avenue, Building #2, Farmington, CT, 860-409-7155,

Century 21 Clemens and Sons Realty, located in West Hartford Center, and managed by Curt Clemens, Jr. has three other offices in Hartford, Rocky Hill, and Glastonbury. Founded in 1994, Century 21 Clemens strives to meet the real estate needs of homeowners throughout the Greater Hartford area. For more information, please visit, visit Century 21 Clemens and Sons Realty at 1001 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, CT, or call Debbie Gilbert at 860-561-0021 x 764.

This is the current stage of construction for the home at 25 Volovski Rd, Avon. Completion is expected by spring, 2007. There is still time to make personal selections. Call to receive specifications, builder's selections, plot plan, and all other information: direct line is 860-313-4057 x 764.